Driving Across Through Sacramento

While I was driving through Sacramento I needed someone to come to fix my truck. I called on a company that was new to me, and I will never be calling them again. They said they could come out and fix it within two hours. Three and a half hours later, and after four phone calls to the company, no one had shown up or called me back.

I decided to drive across Sacramento and call another garage that was closer to where I lived. The woman who answered the phone was very friendly and helpful at first (the exact opposite of what happened with the other garage). She told me they would be able to take care of my truck right away provided I can get there in an hour or less (which I did).

The service was quick and affordable ($13 more than the other place), and I was on my way with a fixed-up truck. Just like that, and the friendly woman at the other garage had saved my day! I now know who to call for all future car repairs. I highly recommend this garage to anyone who needs service in Sacramento. They are quick, affordable, and have great customer service. You won’t regret using them!